Everything is you

Martin Luther- Everything is you 

Thought I’d be
better off without you
now I see
just the opposite is true
I’m sick and tired of being all alone
my house is not a home
I can’t get you on the phone

I can’t believe
I’ve been disrespected
on top of that
my emotion’s been neglected
I said hurtful things
but I didn’t mean it
I thought the grass was greener
but no one compares to you

I don’t know what to say
don’t know what to do about you
can’t live without you
since you’ve been away
I can’t seem to sleep without you
can’t breathe without you
everything is you
baby can’t you see everything is you
and now you’re gone
everything is you
what am I gone do cause I want you home

From earth to mars
are we that far
I can’t believe it’s you trying to hurt me
this friendly fire’s killing me
my lover is now my enemy
if i’m at fault
then you should know
you had me from the moment you said hello
lower your weapon
embrace the blessing and please come home

Baby tell me why please tell me why can’t we work things out
what am I gonna do cause I miss my friend

Don’t you want a chance at paradise
at this point there’s nothing more to say
oh baby don’t throw this love away
I’m begging you

I cain’t breathe
I cain’t sleep
got me bent down on my knees
hoping and wishing that you’d come home
please don’t leave me all alone

May day may day emergency
I need to feel you with urgency
how you
why you deserting me
this is hurting me
girl this is hurting me